PROVO, UT—Jolly Fish Press (JFP) has successfully acquired the North American distribution rights for The Samaritan’s Pistol, Eric Bishop’s action-packed debut novel.

For a small town dweller, Jim is a content man. He runs a massive ranch, owns several beautiful horses, and makes an abundance of extra cash as a mountain guide for wealthy tourists. He’s a modern-day cowboy. That is, until he runs into an ongoing mob-hit while riding in the mountains. Now, his most beloved horse is bleeding to death, three mobsters are dead from his smoking bullets, and a wounded criminal is begging for his help. Jim has to make a decision. He can either high-tail it out of there, or accept a tempting offer made by the criminal—a promise of millions in stolen mafia cash for any help he gives.

Bishop is an author version of Clint Eastwood. As much a cowboy as Jim, Bishop also owns a large ranch and several horses. When he’s not writing, Bishop loves to spend time with his wife and four lovely daughters. Unlike Jim, Bishop hasn’t had any run-ins with the Mafia. Yet.

The Samaritan’s Pistol is slated for release Fall 2013.

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